Joining MCAS



To comply with the legal framework available to cannabis users in Spain. We need our members to

register as medical members with our association. This further legitimises our cause and will allow

MCAS to keep helping members all over Spain.


Medical associations need registered members to then put together an allowance of medicine we can

legally process. The registration procedure is easy and completely confidential. All information is

purely for the records of MCAS. These records have to be kept so that we can prove we are running

a legitimate medical association.


The annual membership fee will be 30€ per year and this will provide the funding for our legal

association and help with the running costs.


Your 30€ membership fee will offer you:


Access to advice and guidance from our experienced association members who can assist with

various queries from cannabis consumption for medical needs.


Legal information about using cannabis in Spain and help with accessing legal cannabis in Spain.


Assistance from our experienced organic growers.


Assistance with dietary needs with access to our professional nutritionist.


All members will be able to come along to our training workshops to learn about the process of

turning cannabis into products you can use to help your health.

All members will be able to get low cost seeds posted direct to them or if they are able to collect can

get established seedlings or clones that can be put straight outside in the Spanish sunshine.


Our member will have access to exclusive offers from our sponsors as well as exclusive access to

medical seed strains before they hit the open market.


The membership fee also includes a free 30 minute consultation with our assessor who will be able

to advise on the best course of action and place the best advisor for you.


For more information please message us on Facebook or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.